Friday, April 1, 2016

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

At the beginning of her lecture, Professor Zaru said that neither Israelis nor Palestinians should live in fear. This statement, while having been made by many humanitarians considering the conflict, holds further weight when considering the things that Professor Zaru has experienced an witnessed. At this time, the Palestinians live under Israeli occupation, being treated as a conquered people. They live under the threat of water and power cut-offs, random curfews, detainment and home destruction, just to name a few. The Israeli government need not give any reason for these measures: they may at times simply be a method of dehumanizing the Palestinian people. Many Palestinians must go through several checkpoints when leaving or returning home, which in times of emergency, may cause many additional problems. It is not surprise that the American media (main outlets) do not report on some of these situations. After all, reports on the Arab World and the tragedies that occur there rarely are reported unless those event effect the American people or their interests. At the moment, many reports seen are concerning ISIS and other terrorist organizations, leaving the Israel-Palestine conflict as the forgotten conflict.
The United Nations has ruled that the building of the wall of separation by the Israeli government violates international law. Thus, to remain within the law, the wall should be removed. The Israeli government has simply ignored this ruling and have continued with this massive, 430 mile structure that is reminiscent of past measures such as the Berlin Wall. The difference is that with the situation in Berlin, Reagan declared to Mr. Gorbachov that he was to "tear down that wall"! And so, with another human rights disaster, the United States not only does nothing, but stands with the nation of Israel, even in situations of ethical violations. Being that the United States is a major player in world politics, and that the United Nations needs it's support for any major measure, this support of Israel must be tempered with reason and equality. The action that the United Nations would need to take to enforce international law on the issue of the wall, would need the support of the United States. Regardless of where the loyalties lie, a ruling has been made, and the United States needs to renew it's commitment to Justice whether domestically or internationally. Thereafter, measures should be taken through the UN and NATO to enforce the ruling made against the wall. Thereafter, there are countless human rights issues to be dealt with in occupied Palestine. Another commitment in the past has been the United States Military's "liberation" in certain parts of the Arab world. While these movements to liberate people have often corresponded with the economic interests of the United States in the way of oil, we have the chance to redeem ourselves in the support of those living in occupied Palestine.
All of this begins with proper awareness and education as to the situation, which often, those in the United States lack.  

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